Momma in Paris

Why, yes, my mother flew across the ocean and visited me in Paris! I was thrilled to have my mom see my city and spend time in Europe for the first time in several years. I planned out an itinerary, waited for her arrival (which, thanks to the buddy pass, was delayed four times), and we set out on the town as soon as she flew in.


Mom and I enjoying the gardens 

On top of the Eiffel Tower

Meeting my best friends 🙂

Of course, it was impossible to do and see everything in four days, so I tried to pick the things that were the most important for someone who had never seen Paris before, and the things that would be most important to her. We spent all day Monday in Versailles gardens, since it was the most beautiful day, and she was so thrilled. I knew, after seeing le hameau de Marie Antoinette the last time I walked through the gardens with Johnathon, Laura, and Nicole, that my mother needed to spend serious time there. And it was so worth it. Like me, she is ravished with the simplest of things, and it was breathtaking for her to just sit in the gardens and watch the otters and baby ducks run around in the pond.

Enjoying really expensive coffee (but so worth it!)

God absolutely orchestrated this trip for my mom. Though 5 days wasn’t really enough for her to see Paris completely, she got a really good taste, and, what’s more, she was able to spend a few evenings eating with my host family, which was probably the best parts of the trip. As I translated back and forth,—English to French, French to English, repeat—my mom got to know the people I spend all my time with here in Paris and got to eat some of the best French cuisine she could have possibly tried. She soaked up every moment, even when there was too much French to understand and I couldn’t translate fast enough, and she raved afterwards about how wonderful they were. Those evenings reminded me why I’ll be missing Paris so much—though the gorgeous city has captivated me, it’s the people here that I hold the most dear.

After a full week of sightseeing—the Eiffel, Notre Dame, Saint Sulpice, Montmartre, the Louvre, the best gardens in Paris—we were exhausted. But it was hands-down one of the best weeks I’ve had in Paris this entire semester, because I shared my favorite city with one of my absolute favorite people. And now, when I look back on my first experience living in Paris, I’ll also include my mom; I’ll be able to call her and say things like “remember when we walked around Montmartre together and ate delicious food at my favorite restaurant?” And that’s a precious, precious thing.

Tennis together!

First macarons!

One thought on “Momma in Paris

  1. How very exciting to share this with your Mom. My one regret is I will never be able to share South Asia with my parents. Blessings to you!

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