Minding the gap

A weekend in London: though brief, I couldn’t have asked for a better two and a half days. The shock of signs and shop labels written entirely in English wore off quickly as I soon became accustomed to speaking my native language and exploring a city I had long wanted to visit. I stayed with my beautiful, dear friend Lucy, who graciously toured me around and introduced me to all her fantastic friends.

Happy Literature major with the Globe
Inside of the Globe (Credit: Alessandra Scarcia)

During the performance  
St. Paul’s
St. Paul’s from the end of the Millenium Bridge

Buckingham during the Changing of the Guards

Me + Westminster

Westminister Abbey
Just one of my many shots from Poet’s Corner in Westminister

This girl ❤

I think what I loved most about London was its energy; the city itself is not that magnificent. Next to Paris, it’s quite unattractive (no offense, London. I don’t mean it as an insult). But the atmosphere, the monuments, and the energy were all irresistible. I found myself absolutely enamored with Westminister Abbey (freaking out slightly too much as my audio guide announced my arrival into Poet’s Corner: the best writers in the world are buried in Westminister), Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s, and the gems inside Tate Modern. And don’t even get me started on Shakespeare’s Globe…when I bought my ticket for an afternoon showing of The Tempest the morning of, I walked around outside, marveling at the outside structure. When 2 p.m. rolled along (well, 2:15 p.m…I was slightly late since I didn’t take into account the long distance I had to walk between Big Ben and Shakespeare’s Globe), I entered the theater with a massive grin. And throughout the excessively spectacular performance, I couldn’t stop smiling and reveling in the fact that I was spending my afternoon at the Globe. 

Being Tourist-y

High Tea

And though I might dare to say that was the best highlight of my trip, it certainly wasn’t the only one. Saturday consisted of Camden and Portobello Markets, Kensington Gardens and Castle, Nando’s (with a spotting of David Beckham’s son), Harrods, High Tea (I am currently imagining the delicious taste of the clotted cream and scones as I type), and Once: The Musical at the Phoenix Theatre in West End (with my best friend, who was in town for a little over a week). A packed and very very happy day.

Stage of Once: The Musical before the show started (Credit: Alessandra)
Intermission with my bestest friend
Hanging out with our favorite actor at the stage door! (Credit: Alessandra)

London is definitely a place where I would love to spend some serious time, exploring and getting to know the city. It impressed me much more than I thought it would, and I already can’t wait to return.


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