I am:

A native Atlantan, current New Yorker. I revel in mornings that contain good literature and endless amounts of coffee.

Books have educated me, enlightened me, and transported me. When I need an answer or an escape, when I need to feel understood, when I need to laugh, I turn to books first. As an editor, I am passionate about books that provide this experience for other readers. I edit books that help others, whether it reveals a hard truth, presents a clear solution to an everyday problem, or transports readers to a rich and wonderful world.

I have a degree in English from Georgia State University, a research institution in the heart of Atlanta, Ga. I worked in journalism for four years at The Signal, where I learned how to be an expert editor and manage an editorial team. Afterward, I moved to New York City and worked as an editor at St. Martin’s Press. There, I edited a wide range of adult narrative and prescriptive nonfiction as well as adult literary fiction and works in translation.

You can currently find me at Callisto Media, working with bestselling adult and kids’ nonfiction authors.

I am also a classical musician and a flute player for the Brooklyn Wind Symphony in Brooklyn, NY.

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Follow me on Twitter at @LCatAp and on Instagram at @lauracapperson.