My New Post: Alcove Press!

It’s way past time for me to update my site. The last time I posted, I was leaving St. Martin’s Press for a new role at Callisto Media. That was almost four years ago! So much has happened since, and I’m thrilled to be finally writing about it.

I was at Callisto for almost exactly three years, and during that time I edited and published almost 50 books, from cookbooks to kids’ books to psychology books. I worked with incredible creatives and academics who put their heart and soul into writing wonderful books. Some of my favorites include Lane Rebelo’s My First Book of Baby Signs; Kelly Milner Halls’ All About Horses; a few books in the “The Story Of” series, including The Story of Lin-Manuel Miranda by Frank Berrios and The Story of Selena Quintanilla by Gloria Arjona; Managing ADHD Workbook for Women by Christy Duan, MD, Kathleen Fentress Tripp, PMHNP-BC, and Beata Lewis, MD; and Celebrating Hanukkah by Stacia Deutsch. I loved developing books from idea to publication and really digging into what readers were looking for, what they needed, and how we could meet their needs.

But I was itching for a role that would challenge me in new ways. I wanted to find a publisher where I could build something significant with an enthusiastic and collaborative team. I could not have been luckier to have found that exact opportunity at Alcove Press, an imprint of Crooked Lane Books. When Matt Martz told me that I would be the first nonfiction editor at CLB/Alcove, and that I’d be developing a nonfiction program from scratch, I knew right away that it was the right opportunity for me. I was thrilled to join in August 2022, and now I’m working with some of the kindest, most intelligent publishing professionals in the industry to conceptualize a new and dynamic nonfiction program.

At Alcove, I’ll be publishing books that helps readers live fulfilling lives, broadens their understanding of the world, and empowers them to become the best version of themselves. So far, I’ve acquired projects that do just that: The Laughter Effect by Ros Ben-Moshe teaches readers how to use laughter to infuse joy and positivity into their daily lives, and Over the Influence by communications expert Kara Alaimo examines how social media is toxic for women and girls. There are a few other projects in the works that I can’t talk about yet, but I am absolutely elated to be doing this work, and cannot wait for what the future holds.

At CLB/Alcove, we accept un-agented submissions in addition to agented ones, so please check out our website or my MSWL for more information on how to submit. And agents, please send all the life-changing prescriptive and narrative nonfiction my way, and shoot me an email to chat more. I am so looking forward to amazing books in 2023 and beyond!


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