Hello, Callisto Media!

After a couple of weeks of training, at the San Francisco office and in New York, I am pleased to share that I am now an Editor at Callisto Media.

This is not a traditional publishing role but rather a position at quickly growing company that is publishing high-quality prescriptive nonfiction for kids and adults. I am so excited to be working with a company that is passionate about helping people find books that make their lives easier and better. My role gives me so much opportunity to be creative and think about publishing books in a different way. I’m excited to continue growing and learning as an editor here!

I will still be working closely with authors to edit books and see them through to publication, though the process on the front end looks a lot different. If you are a writer with a desire to publish a book, or an author looking for new opportunities in this space, I’ll be happy to tell you all about what we do here at Callisto!

Fro a sampling, here are a few of our July 2019 new releases! Click to see more on Amazon.




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