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New York: Where dreams are made

Almost two months ago, I packed up my bags and flew to New York, leaving behind my family and best friends for an opportunity in the big city that I couldn’t pass up. As I was heading home from work tonight, I stopped and recognized that I am currently living in one of the greatest cities in the world, and opportunity abounds in a city like this one. Through all of the days I come home exhausted from work or discouraged from a difficult day, I still live in a city where I can do anything I want—and that is a wonderful gift.

I’m here to pursue my passion, and as I work hard, I sometimes forget to actually enjoy the city I’ve loved for so long. Below are some moments that are the beginnings of a long friendship with this fantastic place.


Here are my new coworkers. We take awesome selfies.









Paul and I stumbled upon the Alice statue, so photo shoot, obviously


This Degas had me riveted. So, so good.


The Met ❤ ❤




Love the Empire State building. Not yet tired of it. At all.


Don’t love: Yankees. Do love: Yankee Stadium + baseball


Me, loving baseball and wearing a neutral color so the Yanks don’t think I’m an imposter


Paul on the coolest bridge in NYC


Me, being a model or something



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