City Life: The Final Round

And the last leg of my undergraduate career has begun.

It’s hard to believe, but in less than five months I will receive a diploma from Georgia State University. In August 2010, when I moved into the University Commons, I knew this day would come.

But it seemed so far away.

Here we are—January 2014—and I’ve been told that I’m good to graduate with a degree in English. (Cue “Avenue Q”). What do I do with a B.A. in English?

That is yet to be determined, and the links to the job postings and application pages are marked on my Bookmarks Bar. Right now, I’m reveling in the last four months that is my undergraduate career.

And so far, it’s looking pretty good. I’m living with some really amazing girls in an apartment just 5 minutes’ walking distance away from The Signal office. I just finished editing my first book (and, therefore, may call myself a freelance editor. Send me the authors! I’m ready!). I’m taking a course on writing style and another on Flaubert (en français, bien sûr). Two music appreciation courses where I will be graded to listen to music. Later this month, I will be performing in a top ensemble at GMEA in Savannah. I’m spending my Spring Break in New York City. And I get to graduate this semester with my best friends—some of whom will be graduating at other universities. But we’ll get to start post-graduation together.

I have no complaints, only smiles. I’m thankful for one last semester living downtown; amazing professors at this big, exciting, urban university; and inspiration with which I can launch myself into the real world (or should I call it adulthood?).

Let’s go, Spring 2014.


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