Atlanta Publishing Houses

Atlanta is most well known for its magazines and newspapers. However, as the city grows, so do its publishing houses. Here are just a few of the houses in the city:

Peachtree Publishers

This small children’s publishing house located on Chattahoochee Avenue is an independently owned trade book publisher who publishes picture books for children as well as young adult fiction and nonfiction.

One of its most well-known authors is Fred Bowen, a former columnist for KidsPost in the Washington Post. Bowen has written the Fred Bowen Sports Story, a series of books about different kinds of sports geared toward kids aged seven to 12.

The publishing house also offers internships for fall, spring, and summer in editorial and publicity positions.

Wren’s Nest Publishing
Wren’s Nest focuses on student publishing. The non-profit publishing house holds storytellings and tours of the home of Joel Chandler Harris, Atlanta author of Uncle Remus.

The Wren’s Nest is a Historic Landmark and almost everything in the house is original property of the Harris family.

The Wren’s Nest offers both volunteer opportunities and internships.

Supreme Design Publishing
Operating out of Brookhaven, Supreme Design Publishing focuses on the “urban experience” and publishes works that reflect that focus. Their goal is to publish works that anyone and everyone can read.

It’s still a very new company—it was created in 2006—but their flagship book was extremely successful and brought a lot of attention to the company.

Keep checking back for events and new works from these Atlanta publishers!


3 thoughts on “Atlanta Publishing Houses

  1. This was a really interesting post. I never thought about looking at local publishers for internship opportunities, but it’s something I think I am going to explore. I always equate publishing with NYC and Chicago and think about local publishing for certain genres (like poetry), so to see some great local publishers reminded me that other regions have just as much to offer. Thanks for the info!

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