A Weekend of Literature, Writers, and Exploration

Every year, Atlanta hosts the Decatur Book Festival, a weekend full of established authors speaking about their works, blooming authors introducing their works, and book lovers looking to find new literature and yearning to meet their favorite writers. Last year, I got the amazing opportunity to hear Meg Cabot speak (she was adorable and quirky, just as you would expect her to be). Natasha Trethewey—the U.S. Poet Laureate—delivered the keynote address for the festival.

Atlanta is so lucky to host an event that draws thousands to one of the most charming areas of the city to enjoy literature for three glorious days.

To read more about the festival, visit their website. To learn more about this year’s festival, check out the wrap-up by Paul Demerritt, reporter from Georgia State University’s The Signal. And to read an exclusive Q&A with Rolling Stone columnist Rob Sheffield from this year’s festival, click here.


One thought on “A Weekend of Literature, Writers, and Exploration

  1. Wow! I had no idea that an event like this existed in Atlanta. As a writer I feel somewhat ashamed that I have never heard of this event before, but now I will certainly rectify that mistake. Also I completely agree with you that such an event is a beautiful honor that allows many people to take in the beauty of our city.

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