Book Reviews

From divorce to marriage: A voyage across the country (East Coast Ink, 70)

Cold Spell by Deb Vanasse (East Coast Ink, 60)

FluentU (Author profile)

Common French Phrases Guaranteed to Help You Talk with Personality

10 Simple French Sentences to Get Started with Basic Conversation

The Essential Guide to the French Future Tense

5 Great French Talk Radio Shows for Your Learning and Listening Pleasure

5 Popular French Comic Books to Beat Boredom and Boost Learning

How to Keep Up with the Newest French Songs and Lyrics

5 Swift Ways to Climb to Intermediate French Conversation

5 Addictive Novels That Intermediate French Learners Never Want to Put Down

The 5 Types of Magazines to Learn French Best

Greenpointers (Author profile)

DEP Fudged Newtown Creek Water Quality Reports, According to Former Employees

$100 Million Still Not Enough for Final Piece of Bushwick Inlet Park

MTA Introduces Two Major Plans for L Train Renovation

Travel Pieces

Bikes in Amsterdam: An American spends four days in Amsterdam couchsurfing and being introduced to the city by bicycle.

Parisian Serenity: Soaking in the beauty of Paris in the first few weeks of being abroad

Culture Shock: Being able to communicate with the dog is a major win, and the idea of becoming fluent is a huge challenge this American is willing to tackle


Colleges in the metro Atlanta area offer dynamic certificate programs

Redesigning your home can be easier than you think

Help your children easily transition from summer vacation to school

Vouched Books and Write Club represent the lively literary scene in Atlanta

How has handwriting evolved, and is cursive a dying art?

An interview with the cast of Project X yields lots of laughs, engaging conversation, and the inside scoop about the film


An Alabama fan finds a way to root for both the Crimson Tide and her Georgia State Panthers


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