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From Experiment to Permanent: Calling New York Home

I have a Saturday afternoon routine in my small neighborhood in North Greenpoint, Brooklyn. There’s a coffee shop by the train station—sitting on a main stretch of road across from my favorite bar and leading to a quaint, local favorite bookshop—that makes killer cappuccinos. It’s a large shop, with a spacious bar and charming baristas. … Continue reading

New York: Where dreams are made

Almost two months ago, I packed up my bags and flew to New York, leaving behind my family and best friends for an opportunity in the big city that I couldn’t pass up. As I was heading home from work tonight, I stopped and recognized that I am currently living in one of the greatest … Continue reading

Five ways to make your writing cleaner (and more interesting)

As a journalist, I strive to make my writing as clear and as clean as possible. AP Style demands that pieces report as much news as possible in the least amount of words. Over the years, I’ve learned how to cut out words that clutter my sentences, replace passive voice with active voice and put … Continue reading