Hachette buys Perseus—and causes a rumble

After the publishing world has been dealing with a months-long battle between Hachette Book Group and Amazon, it now has something new in which to find interest: the purchase of Perseus Books Group by Hachette.

Ginger Clark, a literary agent at Curtis Brown, was right on point when she remarked that this sale changes a lot for some publishers:

The purchase of Perseus means that its distribution companies will actually be sold to Ingram Content Group. Hachette keeps Perseus’ imprints AND retains the location from which they operate.

For Michael Cader’s extensive article on the deal, head over to Publisher’s Lunch. Porter Anderson at FutureBooks breaks it down even further, which a three-point list of what the deal means for all three participants (Hachette, Perseus, Ingram):

Perseus imprints will add some 6,000 titles to Hachette’s list, per Publishers Lunch.

Those imprints, according to Jeffrey Trachtenberg at the Wall Street Journal, promise “to boost its nonfiction offerings. Hachette is largely known for publishing fiction writers, such as James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and David Baldacci. It would be the second acquisition struck by Hachette in the past year that has beefed up its nonfiction offerings, including its purchase of most of the adult Hyperion imprint from Walt Disney Co.”

The deal, Cader reports, also “will transform Ingram Publisher Services, which currently has about 90 listed clients…into the largest distributor in the country.” Perseus distributes more than 350 publishers, he writes, and its Constellation “services a comparable number in digital, plus another 100 publishers serviced through their UK joint venture with Faber & Faber.”

The deal was officially announced yesterday (June 24) at 5:30 p.m.


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