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Snow and Storytelling

Welcome, Snowpocalypse 2014! The last two days have consisted of my dear friend Sam and I huddled up on my couch watching movies, reading books; and venturing out into the snow in search of provisions, friends, and the campus scoop. I love days where I’m holed up in my home—partly because I am a huge … Continue reading

Rhetoric: “purpose, subject matter, audience, and context”

“[Style is] a series of both conscious and unconscious choices that writers make about everything from the words we use (diction) and their arrangement in sentences (syntax) to the tone with which we express our point of view (e.g. ironic, formal, or colloquial) and the way we achieve emphasis in a sentence (e.g., by placing … Continue reading

City Life: The Final Round

And the last leg of my undergraduate career has begun. It’s hard to believe, but in less than five months I will receive a diploma from Georgia State University. In August 2010, when I moved into the University Commons, I knew this day would come. But it seemed so far away. Here we are—January 2014—and … Continue reading