A Sense of Community

Sometimes writers need some inspiration, community, and general encouragement.

Creative Loafing wrote an article last year about the newest—and most characteristically unusual—literary events in the city. These kinds of events promote sharing of literature in a different way: in Old Fourth Ward, for example, Hyde ATL staged an evening called “Urban Legends,” where participants dressed up and told stories as they mixed drinks and enjoyed each other’s company.

CL‘s Kevin Moreau writes, “A DIY spirit has possessed Atlanta’s writers and readers, who are taking literature out of the stuffy confines of the library and into coffeehouses, bars, galleries, and event spaces.”

That sounds so so wonderful.

So, how do we as writers get involved?

One of my favorite groups is Vouched Books, which has both a main website and a twitter where events are posted. The group supports small press literature, which is simply fantastic, and they hold events a couple times a month at the Highland Ballroom. Their next event is one on October 11 with Midwestern Gothic, a quarterly literary journal based in Ann Arbor, MI.

I love these groups that provide a real sense of community and encourage up-and-coming and already published authors to share their work with other literature lovers. There’s something so uplifting and inspiring about surrounding yourself often with other writers. It really promotes progress.

For more information about Vouched Books’ event on October 11 and their future events, check out their events page for Atlanta. CL‘s article about this topic mentions a few other groups (Carapace, True Story, and Stories on the Square) that promote storytelling and sharing. I wrote an article in The Signal about WRITE CLUB and Vouched Presents, two of Atlanta’s most successful literary groups. And any information about other groups similar to these based in Atlanta is appreciated and encouraged!

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  1. Seems like some great upcoming events!

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