Stateside Again

Atlanta is certainly living up to its nickname, like normal: Hotlanta is sticky, humid, and steaming. Needless to say, I stepped off the plane with my leggings, boots, and double-layered jacket (still on Paris weather…and time) into the sweltering heat with only one comment on my lips: “It’s hot!”

“Welcome home,” my father replied.

And though I’m already missing the beauty of Paris, my church on the banks of the Seine, and my friends and family I spent so much time with this past semester, I have certainly felt welcomed home these past couple weeks.

Here are some reasons I’m thankful to be home:

1. Friends who understand what it’s like to adjust to being home after a semester abroad. How do I explain this feeling? I made Paris a genuine home, so coming back to Atlanta was like leaving a home and an entirely new life. Though Atlanta may have been my home for a long time and always will be my home, my experience in Paris made it something so particularly special. It’s difficult to explain, and only a few really understand.

2. A loving family and cuddly pets who have been helping me adjust back to Lilburn/Atlanta life as comfortably as possible and assisting me in my preparations for Fall semester. Thankful for their love and their good listening skills (because I tend to either randomly start speaking French or at least talk about Paris a bit too much).

Family vacation in Clearwater

3. My lovely friends who are so happy to have me home. You’ve all made me feel so happy to be back! It’s helped cure the Paris blues (which may never entirely go away, but I don’t particularly have a problem with that).

Thanks, Atlanta, for making me feel so welcomed home.


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