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A Second Home

And it’s finally come to a close. I am currently on my couch in my French home with my French family, sitting with my French dog and listening to the French sitcom blaring in the background. In just 24 hours, I will be sitting in my American home with my American family, my American dog … Continue reading

Seventeen days, six countries

When June rolled around and classes had officially ended, I carefully packed my RyanAir-approved suitcase and left Paris for one final adventure before heading back to the United States: a 2 1/2-week voyage that led me to Berlin, Munich, Linz, Prague, Krakow, Donegal, Galway, and London. Being me, I printed off every train, bus, and … Continue reading

Momma in Paris

Why, yes, my mother flew across the ocean and visited me in Paris! I was thrilled to have my mom see my city and spend time in Europe for the first time in several years. I planned out an itinerary, waited for her arrival (which, thanks to the buddy pass, was delayed four times), and … Continue reading