French Expressionism

I have made a really fantastic French friend here who loves practicing her English. We’re in a really amazing situation, because we have a lot of similar interests, we both want to spend time improving each other’s languages, and we set aside Sundays together to go to church and spend time walking around the city, talking about anything and everything.

One thing I really love about her is how much she ADORES English expressions. She keeps her favorites written down, and when I first met her, she pulled out the list to make sure they were all correct. She’s inspired me to learn all of the French expressions (which is not an easy feat—the language is filled with expression after expression to describe absolutely everything), and lately, I’ve been doing excessive research on expressions, how they’re used, and when to use them. 
And though I’ve realized I’ve still got so much to learn, I’ve never been more fascinated with this beautiful language. All I want to do is understand the usage of expressions, speak the way the French speak (using “donc,” “en fait,” “alors,” etc. way too often and peppering the sentence with colorful words the way we do in English), and be comfortable with it. I’ve always loved the way French sounded, but as I become more and more able to speak the language (correctly and easily!) myself, I just want to learn as much as I possibly can.
Successful first month and a half? I would certainly say so!

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