C’est Paris!

La ville-lumière, City of love, Paname, Lutetia—whatever it may be nicknamed or called, this grand city is most widely known as Paris. It would be hard to describe the wonderful atmosphere of this city, but there’s something addicting about it—the distinct smell, the friendly (why, yes, Parisians are friendly) people, the architecture specific to the city.

Me + Notre Dame

Away from the Tour Eiffel in Montmartre, a small hill near the Sacre Coeur, locals play catch with their dogs and set up their small restaurants for dinner as the sun sets. The streets wind precariously up and down the hill that is this small village as tourists and locals alike take in the splendor of the cobblestone streets, the unique cafés, the bars, and les magasins. So far, this has been my favorite day in Paris. More than anything, I want to experience the city (a trip to the Louvre and a walk up the Tour Eiffel are both wonderful and exciting trips) and its culture. And there is something magical about the Parisienne life. 

Me + Sacre Coeur


View of Paris from the Sacre Coeur

Restaurant in Montmartre

The Opera House

Me + Louvre

It’s starting to hit me that I’ll really be here for over six months, and I’m so excited about it. There is always something to see, someone to meet, some place to be, in Paris. And the best part—it’s never boring. My French gets better every day and it’s always encouraging.

It’s only the beginning!
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  1. Michael Harker said:

    What great pictures, Laura! Looking forward to reading more about your experience!

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