Wanderlust: Part II—Preparation

I can’t believe I have neglected my blog for two months. With all the craziness life has thrown at me, I have hardly had any time to write. Appalling!

With my trip to Paris right around the corner, it’s time to get organized. I am currently sitting in my apartment (bare walls—which is bizarre, since it was covered with photos and posters almost since the moment I moved in a year and a half ago) taking a break from writing my final English papers. I’m moving out completely on Friday and living with my family for a month (the plan is to get tired of them so I don’t miss them so much while I’m gone 😉 ). It means my flight (Jan. 2!) is really really close. It’s time to make a list!

1. Book the flight. This part is done! Round trip and everything. I gave myself almost a month and a half to travel, meet up with friends who will be in Europe at the same time, and hang out with my host family for a bit. I might even visit a friend in South France. The options are endless!

2. Get a visa. Done. And much quicker than I thought. The French Embassy is really efficient when you get everything together. The only thing I have to do involving this is to get a medical exam either here or in Paris when I arrive.

3. Transfer banks. I have a favorite travel blogger who makes these amazing posts about how to save money for trips, what banks to use, and all these other incredibly useful things. This article discusses the best options for banking.

4. Talk to my host family. We skyped yesterday! And it was just the cutest thing. Their entire family and my entire family pushed through the language barrier to have a sort-of conversation. I’ve been communicating with their mother, who knows the dates of my flight in. I’m so excited to really meet them that I might burst.

5. Pack. Um. This one I haven’t quite figured out yet. I’m thinking a massive suitcase, an empty duffel stuffed inside, an almost-empty carry-on, and a big purse. That might just do it. Packing lightly will be the most difficult part. Prayers are appreciated.

6. Make sure everything is worked out at Georgia State classes-wise. I have picked the most convenient program—GSU makes life so easy for exchange students. My program is a GSU program, so I literally had ONE form to fill out. It’ll be like I never left Atlanta. Amazing. My director also has my form so I can sign up for my French classes. And I’ve met the program director at the University of Versailles and have his contact information.

That’s it—I think? I’m pretty sure people are sick of me talking about it, but it’s really the most exciting thing ever. I can’t wait!


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