The Most Valuable Thing About Retail

I work in retail, with a group of people that I can genuinely call my family. I spend 20+ hours a week with them, serving customers and (board) folding clothes. During those two hours after close, we spend a lot of time talking—about ourselves, our jobs, our relationships, and our futures—and I think it’s something that means more to me than I realize. I have had some fantastic conversations with my coworkers, and learned more about them than I ever expected to. And it always amazes me how many different kinds of people I work with—some just finished college and are looking for a full-time job, some teach, some work a 9-to-5 job and come to J Crew in the evenings, some just moved to the United States—and, surprisingly, how well we all get along.

And I couldn’t be more thankful. This job has been such a blessing—and the people I have met, coworkers and customers alike, have influenced my life in a way that I can hardly express. Through a customer, I found lodging for my semester abroad. Through a coworker that became a best friend, I grounded myself in my beliefs and values. And through everyone else, I have gained confidence in myself as a person and as a friend. I have gained confirmation that I am at the right school and pursuing the right career, and received encouragement to reach for my dreams in a way that I had never thought to before.

I hate to make this post sound gushy and sentimental, but it is so true. And tonight I was reminded what fantastic people I work with. There are always exceptions, but I can confidently say that the people I work with have huge hearts, and I couldn’t be more blessed.


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