Coffee, Jane Austen, and Dreams

This week, I learned that I am more dependent on coffee than I realized, am as madly in love with Jane Austen’s writing as I thought (maybe more!), and that sometimes pursuing your dreams requires disappointing some people and dropping some activities that you thought you would never let go of. And sometimes, it’s shocking. God throws a wrench in your perfectly crafted plan and you’re thrown. What now?

I ran into a beautiful friend of mine when I was making a very important phone call this afternoon, who, after I explained my situation, reminded me how God’s plan is definitely not necessarily ours. And in my venture to trust God in everything I do, I think I started to get too comfortable. As things started going well, I began to assume that whatever I did was whatever God wanted me to do. This week, I was reminded how much that is not the case-but, also, how that is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually a wonderful thing! As that same friend said today, “it’ll all work out. We serve an amazing God.” My plan would probably end in disaster-God’s plan is more perfect than I can even process.

Another one of my friends posted something on Facebook a couple weeks ago that said “God gives the greatest battles to His strongest soldiers.” I really wished I could have pressed the “like” button a million times. I have been so disappointed this week, so discouraged. But God is putting me on a path that is better than anything I can imagine, and He’s planning a beautiful life for me. His ways are not our ways.

Finally, I’ve realized that it’s time to focus on my dream. I want to write, I want to read in cafes all day long. I want to travel. And it’s time to stop trying to please everyone else around me-what they want for me is not always what is right for me.

Through all this disaster, I see joy in the Lord and rejoicing for His Will. I’m already excited about this new chapter of life!


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