Under the American Sun

This week has had some really good moments—Passion City Church (see Sunday’s post), two pool days—and really bad moments—$100 late fee for a forgotten rent check, disappointing moments in music classes. Yesterday, though, was a complete day off! No work, no school, just a relaxing day by the pool with my mom and a cookout with my family (and, of course, my beautiful dog and cat).

Dolly isn’t a huge picture fan. I always make her take a few but she just wouldn’t smile for this shot.

Look at my precious dog!

The cat, however, is all right with the camera.

Decked out in red lips to celebrate our nation’s birthday!
The final product! Delicious!

Today, especially, I have been convicted about spending money. Recently, I have hopped on the shopping train at work, and, while I keep acquiring some very cute clothes, my dad has constantly prodded me, asking why I haven’t saved anything recently. (And he’s right—it hasn’t gained any funds in two weeks). I will be in constant prayer for the Lord to help me not to spend money. It’s certainly a tough thing for me, since I tend to spend a lot when I’m upset, especially, but I am confident that with His help I can do anything. And I certainly need His help! 

Philippians 4:13


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