Sunday with Beth Moore

Today was one for the history books:

I went to Passion City Church with a dear friend (she means more to me than I think I realize sometimes) to hear Beth Moore speak on John 19. A continuation of the WORD series that Louie started last year when Passion City Church first opened their doors at 515 Garson Drive, her passion for the Word and inspiring message floored me. To top it all off, Matt Maher (writer and worship leader—he has written many worship songs that Chris Tomlin and the worship team at PCC sing every Sunday) was here to sing with Chris before he flies to Australia tonight for the Hillsong United conference in Australia (what I would give to be there now!).
As much as I struggle with my faith, it’s days like these that remind me why I will always be a follower of Jesus. The message of salvation—Jesus dying on the cross for my sins to separate them from me as far as east is from west—was retold today to me in a way I haven’t heard it in a very long time. Growing up in the church, I heard this message constantly. Today, Beth Moore’s message reminded me why I should be keeping Jesus Christ at the number one spot in my life ALL the time. 
This evening, I am very thankful and very blessed. 

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