Snapshots from Charleston

I spent a (long) weekend in Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend, spoiled at a resort called Wild Dunes, paid for by my father’s company. While my father spent the mornings at business meetings, my brother and I hit the beach and the pool and, after a stressful first couple weeks at school, I took full advantage of the relaxation.

The boardwalk leading to the beach

My mommy and I exploring the beach on day 1
Felt a little cheesy drawing this in the sand, but it was kind of fun!
Raymond running around in the water

All the essentials for a perfect day on the beach! (Except for a towel, of course)

Bliss 🙂

Dinner on the first night! So delicious! (This one is for Alessandra)

A view from my seat

Happy on the beach!


Downtown Charleston, at the harbor

Big happy family

Beach at sunset ❤

The last day, my family went and saw the Yorktown…while I stayed at the beach all day, rode a bike around the island, and had a REALLY long lunch. Don’t regret it.

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  1. I LOVE ALL YOUR PICTURES, especially the food one (: You looked so beautiful–and that orange sun hat is to die for! The family looks lovely and I can tell you all had a wonderful time! Vacations help so much with moods and relaxation! I'm glad you are back and refreshed! I love you!

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