Change is most certainly not something I am normally a fan of, but I think I’m ready for a huge one. I’m ready to go to Europe, I’m ready to meet new people, and I’m ready to experience something new. I still have six months (a little more than that, actually) to prepare, save money, and plan for the trip to Europe, but I’m excited already. And this summer can actually start the change! It already has, really. I needed new people to enter my life, and they did. I wouldn’t argue if more did so!

Last night, I saw photos of friends graduating, so I sifted through my high school graduation album, absolutely AMAZED at how drastically things have changed. Not only are 5 or 6 of the people in my group picture not in my life anymore, they all are for totally different reasons. Some sprinted away from my life, another didn’t want to leave my life at all, but nonetheless, they are all gone. I wonder, in 20 years, when my children are beginning to grow up and I am living somewhere else, what I will think when I look back on my graduation album. Will I smile or cry? Will any of those people be back in my life again? Will I remember the rift and laugh? Or will none of them return and I will simply frown at the photo?

Life is so absolutely bizarre, and I am reminded every day why I can’t handle it on my own. I constantly struggle with my faith, but God always reminds me why I should keep him close. Change is not something I can control, but God ALWAYS guides my life in the absolute perfect way that it should go. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense, but there is surely a reason for everything. And, most of the time, I am blown away with how perfect His timing is. Yes, He has allowed people to leave my life, but so many have entered my life that it’s hard to even process.

I sincerely hope I can keep this in mind as the next six months go by—because I know that it’s most likely going to be a lot of change.


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