I have found that I am immensely jealous of everyone who is traveling. I constantly post pictures of all the beautiful places I want to visit on my tumblr, watched a documentary on Italy last night and the No Reservations Venice a couple nights ago, and wandered the streets of Rome courtesy of Google Street View last week. I go to the University of Versailles website about 5 times a week even though I’ve pretty much already scheduled out my classes, and jump at a chance to talk about my study abroad whenever possible (French people walk into work? No problem, I’ll share my life story! Someone mentions traveling? Oooo me! Can I join in the conversation? I’ve been to Italy!).

Seriously, I think it’s a sickness. Maybe I should reconsider my career choice—publishing is awesome, but will I get to travel? Maybe I should just be the new Anthony Bourdain (I like to eat! Except with writing, I don’t want to make any silly videos), or maybe the original dream of writing for the Times will come back into focus—travel writer? Anyways, I think the first step will be to venture out of Atlanta. Maybe a beach trip will help subdue my traveling passions until January (when I leave for Guyancourt!!).

I’ll just leave some pretty pictures here that involve all the lovely places I dream about.


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