I really like lists. My mind works in a way in which writing down lists are required for me to remember to do things. Interestingly enough, I don’t necessarily have to look at the list again after I write it down to remember what was on the list—it just needs to be written down at some point.

That being said, I am going to write down all the things I hope to accomplish before the summer runs out.

1. Save money. My spending habits aren’t horribly out of control, but I could cut down on the extravagant items (I spend too much time at Goodwill, let’s be honest). I have PLENTY of clothes, and I need to remember to only shop for the essentials. I’m saving up for France here, and it’s key to remind myself EVERY DAY that a dress (even if it is on sale at work) equals a train ticket to a different city in Europe or a weekend’s hotel price. Seriously.

2. Raise the GPA during summer classes. I’m not saying my GPA is bad, because it most certainly is not, but I feel like these three classes this summer can be a really fantastic chance to boost it. I’d like it to end up higher than what it is right now, and spending time really making the grade this summer will help immensely.

3. Write excessively. Summer is the time to be pouring my heart out and working on my novel, so it needs to happen. I’ve already been working on it, but it needs more! And I should take advantage of the opportunity.

4. Order music and practice! This summer is the ideal opportunity to work hard on my recital music—Justin and I will be performing in November! Though it seems far away, it’ll be here soon, and I need to start working.

5. Work on my French. Since I’ll be moving to France in January, I’m going to need to work on this language (that I studied for 5.5 years! You think I’d know it by now…)!

I think that’s it. Attainable, right? I sure hope so.


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