The art of productivity

I think that the best days are the ones that are busy in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon. Not entirely busy in the morning—enough time for coffee and a bowl of cereal (and maybe a couple minutes to watch the news or Live with Kelly)—but busy enough. Getting things done in the morning, being somewhere, doing something productive, is one of the most refreshing feelings. You come home, happy and relieved that your morning wasn’t wasted on sleep and bad TV and too much food and complete nothingness. Then you fill the afternoon with nothingness because you can, because you accomplished something. I love it. And sometimes, the afternoon isn’t even filled with nothing—it’s productive in a different way because there is motivation left over from the morning. I think that’s the art of productivity—waking up early (or, you know, not even early, just earlier than normal) and making it happen. It propels some kind of motivation that is too hard to explain. Wasting mornings just makes it justifiable to waste away the afternoon (and the evening, too, while we’re at it).

I think there’s something extremely true about Ben Franklin’s semi-annoying statement that “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” I think you feel better, think better, work better, play better. I still haven’t gotten the early to bed part down, really, but I think I’m going to soon.

Off to spend the rest of my afternoon enjoying the nothingness ❤


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